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How to deal with heartbreak
Friday, 5 August 2016 • 00:25 • 0 comments

//Heyy Assalamulaikum, phewww its been awhile since the last time i post somethinggg omggg hahahahah. i was goddamn lazy kott. hehehehe so why i want to write again? hmmm ntah laa nak i feel inspired to write. Soooooooooo here i am . Tengok la if i have more time after this and more ideas to write i'll write moreeee. yaa laa this sept im going to start my Undergraduate study alreadyyyy. semua kawan-2 macam stress gila. so cam cuak gak la. 

okayy lets begin our topic about how to deal with heartbreak. if you've been reading my blog since 2011 you'll know that i have this one guy, been with him for almost 5years alreadyyy butttt i would say jodoh tak panjang cuz i got cheated onnn hahahahahahahahhahahahah i never thought to get cheated on so when its happen i heartbroken gila-gila up to one point i felt like destroying myself. Thank God i didnt.

So if anyone of you having these heartbreak, chill jangan melatah sangat think of it as some kind of ujian and know that s/he is not right for you. cuz honestly Allah give let someone to enter your life for a reason, and if He removed that person, its for a wayy wayy wayyy better reasonnnn. seriously. trust me. 

when you're having heartbreak 

1) dont you ever ever listen to any sad songggg !! sebab nanti jadi lagi sedih yknow. and it'll hurt you more . I would suggest you to have fun. theres a lot of fun thing you can do tauuu. instead of meratapi diri sendiri baik have fun. shopping ke makan ke . any of it.

2) makan banyak banyak banyak gilaa. you know bila stress we need food kan, so during heartbreak pun we need food. to replace energy after dah nangis gila-gila keee . wekk 

 okay tbh , during my heartbreak i cant even eat properly. like i tak lapar langsunggg and i cant even makan. even my fav foods pun i makan satu mulut and i rasa macam nak muntah. it was soooo horrible. its not like  i want to torture myself but seriously i cant eat. up to one point, my friends semua tanya ' eh dee kau kenapa makin kurus' i terkejut gila sebab it was merely 2 weeks je masa tu. but then i get better by forcing myself to eat. i makan tapi dah tak banyak macam duluuu. it was soooo sad hahahahahahahah 

3) dont stalk the heartbreaker. the more you stalk them the more you'll get hurt. instead of stalking them, let them stalk you and show them that you're better off them. seriously at that point they will be menyesal gila. hehh padan muka. 

4)get a new start with something else. contohnyaaa , if dulu yu guys macam loner gila, go makes friends. besarkan circle korang. there's bunch of things to start with. go do some outdoor aactivities

5) work your ass off!! haaa masa ni lah improve diri sendiri. if dulu kena ejek gemuk ke apa ke this is the time to prove those people yg once insult you that you are better. But improving yourself tak perlu luaran je, not only your body but its also your mind , how you think. revised balik what were the thing yg seems so wrong but you did it anywayy.cane cara you guys fikir back then. and try to be better youu !!

6) spend more time with your friends instead of being alone. (thisss help a lot ) ypur friend eventually make you forget your heartbreak. so avoid yourself from being alone. 

7) if you feel like crying, just cry your heart out. sebanyaaa if you keep on pendam-pendam and pendam its makin sakit. but !! dont ever ever let the heartbreaker know that you were sad. let them know you were happy even tho you were sad. dont make them feel superior toward you. just dont. 

8) talk to someone who you trust, it can be your mom or you bff ke. but yknow, moms knew better when we're having heartbreak so try to talk to them, confirm they'll make you feel better. and satu beban berat akan hilang after that . 

9) stop thinking abt unnecessary things. stop blaming yourself either sebab mostly it was not your fault. 

10) i have more kot but this will be the last, atleast for now.heheheheh focus on the thing that require more of your focus. contohnya your studies ke , your work ke. and remember this one thing, heartbreak is not the end of the world. its a new beginning   

so i guess this is the end of today's post. i dont know bila lagi i'll update so stay tuned okay. lavvv youlsss hehehehehh  

xoxo, Dee


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