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why you
Friday, 18 August 2017 • 22:26 • 0 comments

[nasib la dapat saya heheehhe]

[An Appreciation Post]

Sooooooo ive been asking myself why you? I even asked you why you? I always asked you why me?
Why? Because I honestly don’t know. Tapi kannnn I think I might have the answer now. Jodoh. Simple yet meaningful kan? We were meant to meet meant to be (for now insyaAllah forever). The heartbreak we’ve been thru taught us a lot. Sayang, im not good with words ( verbally lol) tapi kan awak tahu what both of us felt. We’ve been betrayed by the person who once we love ( and you betrayed me gak what a jerk. Malas kawan) the point is we’ve been in the very same situation yang kita langsung tak sangka. And honestly sayang, I pun tak sangka kita sampai sini dah. The most is I tak sangka I dengan you :’)

Apik, you’ve been a very good man to me all this while. You treat me well. So very well. You try your best to make me happy. Alhamdullilah I am happy. So the question is why you, why did I choose you out of some many people? Why would I even accept you? Since when do I like you? How can I possibly like you? Theres like so many hows whys whens.

You know sayang, we met that’s jodoh. If kita berpisah maksudnya jodoh kita tak panjang. We’ve been in a very same situation that make us hate love. Love is filty and what not but still we ended up together. Honestly sayang, after the last break up you feel like you don’t need a woman pun kan? Same goes to me, cause to me boys suck. Allhamdulillah youre not a boy. Youre a man, on top of that my man ehehheheheheheh. Im not gonna lie cause we both know this, I loved him and you loved her, tapi things happened. We were both very committed to our last broken relationship, but we were betrayed just like that. Chances give were not being used properly. We were treated badly…….. ni tak boleh tu takboleh semua tak boleh.

Then we found each other, we met, we befriend, I hate you ( cause youre like so pandai), and now here we are. Who would ever thought we gonna ended up together? None of us did, (we just hoped) to be here, together we’ve gone thru so many things, so many halangan, alhamdulilah we stand strong.

Im sorry sayang, tuhewruly am sorry. Im sorry that I don’t really appreciate you. I used to be so appreciative but my past taught me to be selfish. And you did taught me about self love. Sorry la I lagi sayang diri sendiri. But my actual point is im sorry. Im sorry for frequently letting you down, make you sad, tortures you feeling and those kind of stuff. Honestly I mengaku, I kinda did that on purpose, its not like I tak boleh terima teguran you or apa, it just that I used to be that kind of person but im trying to not be that kind of person anymore. Im sorry.

 But……….. remember the last incident when im in utp? That was like a slap right in my face. You , love me no matter what happen what I did. You just love me wholeheartedly. That’s was the point that I want to make you happy. Sincerely happy with all those little thing like those you’ve did to me. I want to shower you with my endless love like you did. I want to be your person. I’ll try my best to not hurt you anymore. But still I can be degil whenever I want. Hehehheheehehe. I might be updating my blog frequently cuz I notice I start to love writing about you and I think twitter thread is not a good platform? ( I think so)

So baby, good luck for you upcoming final! I know you can do it way better than me. Despite of what happen I just know that you will always succeed in everything. Love, dee

xoxo, Dee


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